ILCMicrosite_PostImage_20140912The course runs for eight concurrent weeks. While the weekly calls with Leslie are personal (i.e. the rep talks to Leslie alone, not in a group call) we want to try and keep all of the participants on the same weekly schedule to make it simpler to manage the program. Each course will begin Monday and run for 8 consecutive weeks.

Leslie works directly with the attendee to set up the timeframe for his/her participation.  Each week, the attendee is expected to attend/watch an hour-long pre-recorded class, take a quiz, and then spend half an hour after that talking directly with Leslie. In addition, some time is required for a “homework” assignment related to the prior session, which may take another hour (the time on this depends on the participant.)

This program, which is a nice mix of on demand and personal programming, gives the attendee the chance to really spend time working directly with Leslie, to ask questions and work through issues that are relevant to their sales activities and/or that they may not feel comfortable discussing with their own sales manager. 

Power Selling Program Course Contents:

  • 8 eLearning modules
    • Goal Setting and Planning
    • Prospecting 101
    • Selling Skills & Relationship Building
    • Listening and Body Language Skills
    • How the Experts Earn Long-Term Accounts
    • Cross Selling and Up Selling
    • Escaping the Price-Driven Sale
    • The Keys to Consultative Selling
  • Study Guide Binder
  • Weekly 30 minute coaching sessions with Leslie
    • following each eLearning module
  • Book entitled Picture Yourself and Life You Want by Leslie Groene
  • Optional additional consulting

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